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Archive for July, 2009

LOL and Pass It On

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Dear Reader,
I believe that the joy of laughter is one of the
most important things about being human.

When I lost the ability to laugh out loud, it left
a hole in my spirit. That hole in my life, the
lack of a good laugh, was something I worried
that I would suffer with, forever.

Thank goodness, I WAS able to laugh with others
again, when I fixed my bladder problem.
I really, truly, LOVE having the freedom to chuckle,
titter, howl, even guffaw—without the fear of
having my bladder embarrass me.

I thank God every day for the joy of a good laugh,
and I pass on that joy every chance I get.
That’s the main reason I do what I am doing
at www.naturalbladdercontrol.com.

I truly want other women to regain their joy
in a good laugh, too.
Years ago, I used to try to avoid listening to a
good joke or a funny story, just because I was
afraid I could pee my pants if I laughed too hard.

I just love watching this video about the power of
laughter. Watching this just makes me laugh
out loud. Over and over again. Thomas Crum,
author of Journey to Center and Three Deep Breaths,
sent it to me a couple of weeks ago.

Laughter is contagious. I wish for you and for all women
the joy of a good belly laugh with the confidence of
great bladder control.

Here’s the link:

Warm Regards,
Dr. Louise

This Friday’s Favorite

Friday, July 10th, 2009

This Friday’s Favorite
My Favorite Dog Treat

I have 3 dogs, Scottish Terriers: Olive, Bryce, and Jamie.
One of my favorite treats to give them is very easy to do.

Scotties have big jaws and teeth, and I bought them the middle sized red rubber Kong toys several years ago. If you have a hard-core chewer, the Kong people make a black heavy duty version, but my guys do just fine with the red ones.

Kong toys have a hollowed out center to them, and if you have another type of rubber toy with an open area in the center, you could use them for this just as well.

I take peanut butter and put about a half tablespoon (1 and a half teaspoons) of it inside the center, and distribute it evenly around. My dogs will lick these happily for about 15-20 minutes before they go off to check on the other’s Kongs, just to see if anything was left behind by any of the others.

Have a great Friday,
Dr. Louise

Olive enjoys her Kong treat

Olive enjoys her Kong treat


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