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Louise Achey

An award winning teacher, pharmacist, and firefighter, Dr. Louise Achey has been involved in health and fitness for the past 3 decades.

Dr. Achey graduated from Washington State University's school of pharmacy in 1979, and completed her Doctor of Pharmacy from Idaho State University in 1994.

She has practiced pharmacy in hospitals, nursing homes and community pharmacies for the past 32 years, with the last ten of them as an assistant professor teaching safe and effective drug therapy to new doctors, physician assistants and pharmacy students.

Although graduating from high school in 1974, before sports activities were available to girls, she has always been fascinated by ways to get and stay fit.
Dr. Louise Achey
Joining a local rural volunteer fire department in 1990, she served her community for 14 years, first as a firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician, then for 7 years as Fire Captain, responsible for all firefighter training.

Being a new recruit in Fire School at age 34 was challenging. After finishing a full day of work at a local hospital, one night she found herself up on top of a house in full fire gear and air pack, chopping a hole in the roof with an axe!

Determined to improve her physical fitness despite all the demands on her time, Louise has researched, learned and tested many approaches to physical fitness and health.

A passionate teacher, Dr. Achey has won 4 awards for teaching excellence from the University of Washington Medical School's MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant training program and has taught in Washington State University's College of Pharmacy and Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Louise treasures time with her family: husband Charlie, daughter Maureen, and their 3 Scottish Terriers. She also plays a 36-string Heartland harp at church on Sundays.
Louise Achey playing her harp

Dr. Louise Achey wins 4th teaching award from MEDEX

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