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This Friday’s Favorite

Friday, July 10th, 2009

This Friday’s Favorite
My Favorite Dog Treat

I have 3 dogs, Scottish Terriers: Olive, Bryce, and Jamie.
One of my favorite treats to give them is very easy to do.

Scotties have big jaws and teeth, and I bought them the middle sized red rubber Kong toys several years ago. If you have a hard-core chewer, the Kong people make a black heavy duty version, but my guys do just fine with the red ones.

Kong toys have a hollowed out center to them, and if you have another type of rubber toy with an open area in the center, you could use them for this just as well.

I take peanut butter and put about a half tablespoon (1 and a half teaspoons) of it inside the center, and distribute it evenly around. My dogs will lick these happily for about 15-20 minutes before they go off to check on the other’s Kongs, just to see if anything was left behind by any of the others.

Have a great Friday,
Dr. Louise

Olive enjoys her Kong treat

Olive enjoys her Kong treat


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