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Have you seen the T-Shirt, "I Laughed So Hard, Tears Ran Down My Leg"?

Believe me, I've BEEN THERE. And I've DONE THAT, TOO!

Having that happen to me more than just a few times forced me to keep searching for a solution to my bladder problem that didn't include taking bladder drugs or the risk of surgery.

That's why I wrote Bladder Bliss - to share with other women how to fix their bladder problem without taking drugs, risking surgery or doing endless "kegels".

Hi, I'm Dr. Louise Achey, the author of Bladder Bliss.

My mission is to help you get healthy, fit and to bring more joy into your life!

Do you take a prescription medication?

If you do, you have lots of company.

Over half of ALL Americans take at least one prescription drug, and one out of every six people in the U.S. is taking three or more medications.

Medications are the most common treatment for many medical conditions. There's no doubt that antibiotics, heart medications, and drugs for diabetes and depression save lives.

But at a price!

Medicines are powerful therapies. We have drugs that relieve pain and discomfort, lower the threat of heart disease and stroke, improve breathing and keep diabetes in check.

These potent remedies help us live longer, but they have a dark side.

Many, many medicines can have annoying or serious side effects, and can be downright dangerous when combined with certain other drugs.

Especially drugs for "bladder control"!

I found that out for myself as I struggled with a "weak" bladder. Whenever I felt a cough or sneeze coming on, I crossed my legs and prayed that I wouldn't wet myself. I started to dread the consequences of having a good belly laugh. I found myself avoiding listening to my friends tell funny stories or any jokes because I didn't dare risk the embarrassment of having an bladder accident.

Then, after years of wearing pads and avoiding dancing or laughing, I got lucky.

I stumbled onto a simple solution for my urinary incontinence. And not only did this very simple system reverse my bladder weakness symptoms without any drugs or surgery, but it has KEPT me absolutely FREE of having to wear pads or worry about bladder accidents for nearly 10 years!

Now women who are suffering from bladder problems can use this system like I did to regain the freedom to laugh out loud, cough or sneeze without fear. Bladder Bliss shows you just how to regain bladder control and free yourself from having to wear pads without taking any bladder drugs or risking expensive or painful surgery.

I'm here to help you get the benefits from your medicines and keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the dangers of drug therapy.

You'll get information about health and fitness, plus safety tips about prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and herbal remedies to help keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the dangers of drug therapy by signing up for my FREE email newsletter today.

With 32 years of experience as a pharmacist and a medication specialist, I discuss medication safety, health and fitness, and share some of my favorites as well as some of my colleagues' top recommendations, on my blog.

Warm regards,

Dr. Louise Achey

P.S. I STILL remember the years when I didn't dare laugh for fear of a bladder accident. That's why today I make sure I have a good laugh at least once every day. I like to share things that make me smile and laugh on my blog...stop by any time!

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