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What’s Your “Fog Line” Habit?

As I was driving to Sea-Tac airport at 5 am yesterday morning, the stars were out and so were the animals. Two deer skittered across the highway in front of me, and as I rounded a corner I had to stop for a HUGE cow elk standing in my lane. She calmly looked me over as I waited, my Saturn Vue idling. Finally she turned away from my headlights shining in her face and sauntered off the highway.

Approaching the top of Chinook Pass, I could just make out a wall of white looming ahead, starting right at the log bridge that marks the eastern boundary of Mt. Rainier National Park. Sure enough, as I headed down the other side I was enveloped in fog so thick you could use it as whipped topping.

It reminded me so much of the very first time 29 years ago that I drove this winding stretch of highway between the summits of Chinook Pass and Cayuse Pass. It was even about the same time of night. Navigating its 3 hairpin curves and other twists and turns back then gave me a white-knuckled ride to remember.

Even with the experience of having driven this patch of mountain road over a hundred times I dreaded entering the white swirling mist. Until I found a delightful surprise: freshly painted, VISIBLE fog lines!

What could have been a trial (or worse, trial and ERROR) was so much easier for me because although it was still hard what was directly ahead of me, with the wide white lines to my right I could still make out the edge of the road levitra acheter. Instead of guessing, wishing or hoping, I could tell when I was getting too close to the shoulder.

Do you have any habits that work for you in the same way? Little things that help you stay on track because you can “see” that you’re too close to the edge of the road BEFORE you end up in the ditch?

I tend to lose track of time easily and getting out the door in time is a constant challenge for me. I set a kitchen timer to help me keep on track. My husband Charlie loves to take showers and he sets a timer so he doesn’t end up in there for half an hour and then late for work.

What is YOUR “fog line” habit? What little thing do you do that helps you stay on track?? What has helped you in the past?

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Best Regards,
Dr. Louise Achey


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