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1 Out Of 3 Women Share an Embarrassing Secret...

And I Used to Be One of Them!

Dear Friend,

Are you avoiding-or missing out on--activities you used to enjoy, like...
          and Intimacy?

You DON'T have to live like that any more.

Imagine enjoying the confidence of complete bladder control and pelvic muscle strength - without endless Kegels, drugs, devices or surgery--in only 3 minutes a day!

My name is Louise Achey and 10 years ago, at age 45, I started having episodes of "bladder weakness".

Whenever I Laughed, I Wet My Pants!

After a couple of "accidents" at work, and one that almost ruined a dream vacation, I started wearing pads every day, just for "insurance".

I became dependent on wearing pads, and as time went on, I found myself "moving up" from lightweight pads, putting medium pads in my shopping cart. I really hated to have to stop and shop in the grocery store aisle labeled "Incontinence".

As a registered pharmacist and pharmacy professor, I knew there were drugs for the bladder, so I carefully researched all the available drugs used for bladder control. To my dismay, not even one of them was considered effective --or even recommended-- for my bladder problem!
Dr. Achey
Dr. Louise Achey helping women eliminate incontinence.
Not only that, ALL of the drugs that doctors have available for urinary incontinence have nasty side effects that most women consider are WORSE THAN THE ACTUAL PROBLEM!

"I tried several different bladder control drugs, and suffered with constant dry mouth and constipation without any real change. It just wasn't worth it."

-Donna, age 75

I continued to suffer with my leaky bladder in shame and silence, until I couldn't stand it any more. When I finally mentioned the problem to my doctor, he recommended Kegel exercises. I tried them, I really did.

But despite week after week of faithfully squeezing out those Kegels--hundreds of times a day!!!--- I had just as many "accidents" as before.

So I gave up on the Kegels and tried using vaginal weights. I figured, you use weights to get stronger, right? Well, it wasn't that easy...and when my husband walked in on me trying to "work out", the look on his face was....humiliating.

There I was, on the road to wearing adult diapers...and I was only in my 40s! As I made more and more frequent trips to the bathroom to keep my bladder as empty as possible, I felt my freedom and my self-confidence going down the drain.

Now, thanks to Bladder Bliss I enjoy...
The comfort, confidence and convenience of living free of pads and worry about accidental urine leakage

• An active life free from bladder control drugs, diapers, embarrassing devices, weights or any type of surgery

Increased sexual satisfaction and enjoyment...a very nice BONUS!

If you have just 3 minutes a day, you can eliminate your incontinence with the Bladder Bliss program.

Bladder Bliss can help you IF...
Your doctor has recommended Kegel exercises to you for your incontinence symptoms

• You've already tried Kegel exercises but you aren't sure you are doing them right, 'cause nothing's happening

You're ready to enjoy trimmer abs and a flatter tummy without doing tedious crunches

• You are tired of putting up with the chafing, odor, and hassle of wearing pads

You want to charge up your sex life

• Your incontinence has kept you from enjoying travel or going on vacations with loved ones

Your fear of an embarrassing "accident" keeps you from laughing, dancing or intimacy

Bladder Bliss Cover

If you have to cross your legs before you cough or sneeze, you are not alone!

•   1 in every 3 women experiences a problem with bladder control.

•   Nearly half of all women who experience incontinence are too embarrassed to tell their doctor.

•   In women over 30 years old, nearly 50% suffer from urinary incontinence.

•   Typical pantiliners are not built to handle an embarrassing incident of incontinence.

•   Doctors will try to fix the problem with drugs...drugs that frequently cause debilitating side effects that many consider worse than their original problem: dry mouth, painfully dry eyes, constipation and memory problems.

• Drinking extra water to relieve your dry mouth from the drugs can make your bladder problem even worse.

Surgery is painful and rarely fixes the problem - you often still have to wear pads!

Wetting your pants when you laugh is no joke.

I discovered by accident how to end my private nightmare while working on a way to flatten my tummy without doing any sit-ups, crunches or leg lifts. Three months later, I gave up wearing pads completely, and I've been enjoying the freedom of being "pad free" for nearly 10 years!

Are YOU ready to take back control of your life?

    Yes, you CAN eliminate your incontinence...in ONLY 3 minutes a day!

             At any age.


Unlike Kegel exercises, Bladder Bliss works! And it works FAST!
 Instead of waiting weeks-- or months-- for results, you notice a difference in just days.

Whether your bladder trouble is a "weak" bladder, an "overactive" bladder, or both-- Bladder Bliss can help.

"After suffering with bladder urgency for years, I finally went to my doctor, who sent me home with "Kegels" which didn't help me at all. Then I found Dr. Louise's Bladder Bliss program. I can turn on the water now without having to run to the bathroom, and that gives me confidence and peace of mind. This program really works!

-Denise Gossett, age 58

And yet this powerful system doesn't stop with eliminating your urinary incontinence...

Imagine yourself enjoying the confidence of bladder control, PLUS:
A Super-charged sex life

• Improved metabolism

Watching in delight as your belly fat burns away

• Improved digestion and relief of constipation

More energy and vitality

• Relief of nagging backache

Better sleep

Experience such quick results that you will absolutely know you are on the right track!

"If you don't want to depend on Depends®, and intend to "cure" this problem once and for all, you owe it to yourself to try Dr. Louise Achey's Bladder Bliss program."

-William Stillwell, M.D., Orthopaedic surgeon

So...it's now up to you. You can either...

Do nothing about your bladder problem and buy thicker and bulkier pads... until you have boxes of pads in your shopping cart and don't dare leave your house without them....


Order Bladder Bliss now and say goodbye to the hassle of pads and the cost and discomfort of drugs... and jump back into life!

My friend, I wish for you a happy, confident and ACTIVE life!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Louise Achey

P.S. For increased sensation, control and enjoyment in your intimate encounters, order Bladder Bliss now and radiate the self-confidence of feeling of feeling sexy... again.

Bladder Bliss Cover

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