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The Gold Standard of Anti-inflammatories

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
As I opened my bottle of over the counter pain reliever this morning, I noticed that I am almost out. Again! This past week I have been having more muscle pain and stiffness than usual…a flare-up of a condition that has been dogging me for the past 4 months.

Shaking out 2 round blue tablets into my left palm, I sighed. Setting the bottle down,  I told myself, “Louise, you’re running low again  because you’ve been taking 2 doses of 2 pills each every day now, just to keep moving. You’re GOING to go through it faster.”

These blue tablets I take every day are also my top recommendation for when customers ask me what is best for muscle aches and inflammation. This particular medicine is a powerful and versatile pain reliever. I recommend it for dental pain, pain from menstrual cramps, and general muscle swelling and pain cialis black online.

The good news is that this potent anti-inflammatory drug is available without a prescription, and is inexpensive.
The medication I take every morning and evening for my muscle swelling, pain and stiffness is naproxen. You may have heard it advertised by one of its brand names, Aleve. Two tablets of 220mg each give you a dose of 440mg, twice a day photoshop cs6 download mac. That is very close to the strength of the prescription version of 500mg tablets.

This is one POWERFUL analgesic.

Whenever a new anti-inflammatory and pain reliever is being developed, if it is similar to other medications, then it is compared to the others, or at least to the most commonly used medication in that group. There is one particular drug in the group of drugs for pain and inflammation that stands out, and is used as a benchmark for the other ones. This drug is considered “the gold standard” of effectiveness and potency.

Do you know what the “gold standard” for prescription drugs marketed for pain and inflammation is?

Naproxen at a dose of 500mg twice a day is the benchmark by which all of other similar drugs are measured against.  Non-prescription Aleve or naproxen, which is 220mg in each tablet or caplet, is nearly equivalent when you take the full adult dose of two tablets every 12 hours.

But like with so many medicines, this drug can be dangerous. The drug class it belongs to is called an NSAID. The abbreviation NSAID stands for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, and these drugs are responsible for thousands of hospitalizations and deaths each year.

More about that and how to keep yourself safe when taking it at another time. Right now, here goes 2 tablets of naproxen down the hatch.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Louise


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