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Why Your Doctor Doesn’t Want To Talk To You

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Uh oh. Your prescription bottle is empty and you need to get more medicine. “Oh, no…I don’t have any refills left. Better call my doctor to get more.” But when you call your doctor’s office, you hear a recording tell you to CALL your PHARMACY for medicine refills instead.


“Now just wait a minute. If I call my pharmacy, THEY can’t refill my medicine either. They have to contact my doctor first. Why doesn’t my doctor want to talk to me?

Actually, there is a very good reason for your doctor’s office to do this, besides not having to be interrupted all day long by people just like you calling in to request more medicine.

Many, many people (possibly you, too) GO TO MORE THAN ONE DOCTOR http://www.sfa.univ-savoie.fr/sciences/misc/phpcheck/levitra-pas-cher.html. You may have a family doctor, and also go to a cardiologist. Or you may see a gynecologist for your female exams instead of your family doctor. Maybe you see a dermatologist or an eye doctor from time to time. As a pharmacist, I often see medications prescribed by 3 or more doctors on the list of medications of many of our customers.

Did you know? Just because you get medicine from one doctor doesn’t mean that any of your other doctors will find out about it.

To minimize confusion and find out what medicine dose and directions you are really asking for, your doctor will ask that your pharmacy send in your requested refill. That way, your doctor gets to look at what EXACTLY you are asking for before they decide to refill your medicine.

So now you know why they don’t want to talk to you. It’s not personal.

You can help your doctors keep up with each other by keeping a current list of all the medications you are taking. I have a worksheet that you can fill out that helps you do that here.

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