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It Takes One To Know One

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Last month I had a screening colonoscopy done, my very first. According to the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, if you leave out skin cancer, colorectal cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in women, after breast cancer and lung cancer.

Colorectal cancer also is more common in those folks over age 50… as in yours truly. I finally convinced myself last month that it was time to quit stalling and get that screening colonoscopy my family doctor had been recommending.

When I arrived at my pre-procedure appointment, the nice nurse Wanda explained what I needed to do before and after my procedure. Because I was taking naproxen every day for a medical condition, I was instructed to hold that medicine 3 days before, and then NO VEGGIES or high fiber foods for 3 days before. And NO red or purple colored foods or drinks, either. But bland, starchy foods were ok. Ughh.

Then the day before my procedure the fun REALLY began. After more than 20 years of dispensing hundreds of gallons of the electrolyte (intestinal flush) called Go-Lightly or Co-Lyte, it was my turn. Uh…yummm?

My "Golightly" colonoscopy prep

Nowadays, we have more options for flavoring this gallon of weird-tasting stuff. You can add any flavor of Crystal Light you like–as long as it isn’t red or purple. I picked lemon and lime. There are dried lemon and lime crystals available now, called True Lemon and True Lime download photoshop cs5 portable. They covered up the salty taste reasonably well, but boy is that a lot to drink of ANYTHING.

After I mixed up my gallon of Go-Lightly I divided it up so I could do more than just one flavor. Professionally, I advise folks NOT to pick their favorite flavor to add to the whole thing, because by the time you are done drinking a gallon of that stuff, it won’t be your favorite flavor any more…

The day that I was to start drinking that stuff was a LONG day! The only thing that made it bearable was watching the DVD The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Betty White (Betty was such a HOOT in this flick!) with my daughter Maureen, who brought it over for us to watch, with of course some strategic pauses for me to use the facilities.

You can talk all you want about being an expert, but there is no substitute for personal experience!!!

And when you add personal experience to professional knowledge, you’ve got a pretty potent combination. I do a much better job now explaining HOW to take Go-Lighty than I ever did before my own colonoscopy experience.

It’s the same with dealing with bladder problems. There’s really NO SUBSTITUTE for having BOTH professional expertise AND personal experience. That’s what makes the Bladder Bliss system different. You get the benefit of my own personal experience of suffering from bladder leakage and the my expertise in explaining how to beat it.

It’s been over 5 years since I overcame my urinary incontinence and I am still CONFIDENTLY sneezing, coughing, dancing and jumping. And all without having wear pads or take any pills. The best part? No more of having to choose between risking embarrassment or suffering with dry mouth and constipation!!!

If you or someone you know is ready to pitch the pills and get back into life, you’ll find out how at www.bladderbliss.com.

Warm Regards,
Louise Achey


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